Atelier Jun,
   Art and Design

Atelier Jun is founded by Jungeun Hong, a multidisciplinary
designer who studied Interior Design and Fine Art in UK and Korea.  She focuses on making illuminated objects that are rooted in tradition and intuitiveness.

In a field
I am the absence
of field. 
This is 
always the case. 
Wherever I am 
I am what is missing. 

When I walk 
I part the air
and always
the air moves in
to fill the spaces
where my body’s been. 

We all have reasons 
for moving. 
I move 
to keep things whole. 

Keep things whole, Mark Strand

Illuminated colour series ‘Bae-Chae’

The conceptual basis of an old Korean portrait method has been an inspiration to this series. The technique called “Bae-Chae”, which involves applying pigments on the back of a sheet to have them show through the front. The harmony between the front and the back gives a better depiction.  More than just a technique used to convey depth; it has been known to be used to convey the invisibility and the essence of a subject.

          Born in stars, we live on earth as poets

Thus has influenced me to blend the notion into every work. Through the use of a variety of colors and shape, I express the subconscious emotions of a given day.

Every series I’ve done has come as a bit of playfulness and meditation during the flux of the process.Each colour has been chosen in a state of concentration. I start by painting from one to three colours that I feel I could work with and continue matching and layering. The pieces are crafted over a month until the combination of light and colour and creation of identity has the quality.